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FeatureFormViewModel Class

Provides the logic for the FeatureForm widget.
ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript

public class FeatureFormViewModel

Inheritance System.Object 🡒 FeatureFormViewModel


FeatureFormViewModel.Feature Property

The associated feature containing the editable attributes. A common way to access this is via the MapView or SceneView’s hitTest() method.

public dymaptic.GeoBlazor.Core.Components.Layers.Graphic? Feature { get; set; }

Property Value


FeatureFormViewModel.FormTemplate Property

The associated template used for the form.
The formTemplate is where you configure how the form should display and set any associated properties for the form, e.g. title, description, field elements, etc.

public dymaptic.GeoBlazor.Core.Components.Widgets.FormTemplate? FormTemplate { get; set; }

Property Value


FeatureFormViewModel.Inputs Property

The field, group, or relationship inputs that make up the form FeatureFormWidget.

public System.Collections.Generic.List<dymaptic.GeoBlazor.Pro.Components.Widgets.SupportInput>? Inputs { get; set; }

Property Value


FeatureFormViewModel.LayerId Property

Id for the Layer containing the editable feature attributes. If this layer is not specified, it is the same as the graphic’s layer.

public System.Guid LayerId { get; set; }

Property Value


FeatureFormViewModel.MapId Property

A reference to the associated dymaptic.GeoBlazor.Core.Components.Map

public System.Guid MapId { get; set; }

Property Value



This property is required if working with Arcade expressions in the FeatureForm that make use of the $map global variable.

FeatureFormViewModel.State Property

The widget’s state. Possible Values: “ready” “disabled”. Default value: disabled.
public string State { get; set; }

Property Value


FeatureFormViewModel.Submittable Property

Indicates if the field’s value can be submitted without introducing data validation issues.

public bool Submittable { get; set; }

Property Value


FeatureFormViewModel.Updating Property

Indicates whether the form is currently updating.

public bool Updating { get; set; }

Property Value


FeatureFormViewModel.Valid Property

Indicates whether all of the input fields are valid.

public bool Valid { get; set; }

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