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ListItem Class

The ListItem class represents one of the operationalItems in the LayerListViewModel. In the LayerList widget UI,
the list item represents a layer displayed in the view. It provides access to the associated layer’s properties,
allows the developer to configure actions related to the layer, and allows the developer to add content to the item
related to the layer.
ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript

public class ListItem

Inheritance System.Object 🡒 ListItem


ListItem.ActionsSections Property

Sets the actions on click for the list item.

public dymaptic.GeoBlazor.Core.Components.ActionBase[][]? ActionsSections { get; set; }

Property Value



The Actions Sections property and corresponding functionality will be fully implemented
in a future iteration. Currently, a user can view available layers in the layer list widget
and toggle the selected layer’s visibility. More capabilities will be available after full
implementation of ActionSection.

ListItem.Children Property

The children items in a layer.

public System.Collections.Generic.List<dymaptic.GeoBlazor.Core.Components.Widgets.ListItem>? Children { get; set; }

Property Value



Editing not currently supported.

ListItem.ChildrenSortable Property

Indicates if the children of a list item (or sublayers in a GroupLayer) can be sorted or moved/reordered.
Default Value:true

public bool ChildrenSortable { get; set; }

Property Value


ListItem.Hidden Property

When true, hides the layer from the LayerList instance. This is an alternative to Layer.listMode, which hides a layer from all instances of LayerList that include the layer.
Default Value:false

public bool Hidden { get; set; }

Property Value


ListItem.LayerId Property

Sets the relevant layer values for this item.

public System.Nullable<System.Guid> LayerId { get; set; }

Property Value


ListItem.Open Property

Whether the layer is open in the LayerList.
Default Value:false

public bool Open { get; set; }

Property Value


ListItem.Panel Property

Allows you to display custom content for each ListItem in the LayerList widget.
A common scenario for using ListItemPanel is to display a Legend widget within each list item. The legend keyword can be used in the content property of the panel to display a legend for each layer in the LayerList.

public dymaptic.GeoBlazor.Core.Components.Widgets.ListItemPanel? Panel { get; set; }

Property Value


ListItem.Sortable Property

Indicates if the list item (or layer in the map) can be sorted or moved/reordered.
Default Value:true

public bool Sortable { get; set; }

Property Value


ListItem.Title Property

The displayed title of the layer in the LayerList Widget.

public string? Title { get; set; }

Property Value


ListItem.Visible Property

Determines whether the layer is visible on load.

public System.Nullable<bool> Visible { get; set; }

Property Value