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VectorTileLayer Class

VectorTileLayer accesses cached tiles of data and renders it in vector format. It is similar to a WebTileLayer in
the context of caching; however, a WebTileLayer renders as a series of images, not vector data. Unlike raster
tiles, vector tiles can adapt to the resolution of their display device and can be restyled for multiple uses.
VectorTileLayer delivers styled maps while taking advantage of cached raster map tiles with vector map data.
ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript

public class VectorTileLayer : dymaptic.GeoBlazor.Core.Components.Layers.TileLayer

Inheritance System.Object 🡒 Microsoft.AspNetCore.Components.ComponentBase 🡒 MapComponent 🡒 Layer 🡒 TileLayer 🡒 VectorTileLayer


VectorTileLayer.LayerType Property

Used internally to identify the sub type of Layer

public override string LayerType { get; }

Property Value