GeoBlazor Pro

Release Notes


Initial Production Release

Feature Editing Tools

  • EditorWidget - Create and edit existing features on a layer
  • FeatureFormWidget - Advanced form for editing feature attributes
  • FeatureTemplatesWidget - Provides ready-made templates for editing features
  • SketchWidget - Select, draw, move, and delete geometric graphics by hand


  • GraphicsLegendWidget - Similar to the Core LegendWidget and LayerListWidget, but specifically designed for use with GraphicsLayers and Graphics. Allows custom labels, toggling visibility, and grouping by symbol
  • SwipeWidget - Provides a vertical or horizontal draggable bar for the user to quickly compare different layers or renderers
  • TimeSliderWidget - Used with FeatureLayers that include time data, allows a user to drag or animate changes over time on the map
  • TrackWidget - Provides real-time tracking of the user’s GPS signal


  • ArcGISRest - Provides a convenient wrapper around ArcGIS REST calls, including QueryDemographicData and the multi-use Request methods
  • Route - Generates step-by-step directions, lines, and points for navigating between locations
  • NetworkService - Provides information about travel to support the Route service
  • LabelCreator - Convenience tool for generating bin and cluster labels
  • PopupTemplateCreator - Convenience tool for generating popup templates for use with clustering
  • PieChartCreator - Convenience tool for generating Pie Chart symbols for features or clusters

Feature Reduction

  • FeatureReductionBinning - Reduces and summarizes point features into rectangular “bins”
  • FeatureReductionCluster - Reduces and summarizes point features into “clusters”