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DynamicMapLayer Class

A dynamic map layer refers to a layer published in a map service that has dynamic layers enabled. This layer type may be used to create multiple sublayers that point to the same service layer, but are assigned different definition expressions, renderers, and other properties.
ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript

public class DynamicMapLayer : dymaptic.GeoBlazor.Core.Components.Layers.DynamicLayer

Inheritance System.Object 🡒 Microsoft.AspNetCore.Components.ComponentBase 🡒 MapComponent 🡒 DynamicLayer 🡒 DynamicMapLayer


DynamicMapLayer() Constructor

Parameterless constructor for use as a Razor component.

public DynamicMapLayer();

DynamicMapLayer(int, string) Constructor

Creates a new DynamicMapLayer in code with parameters.

public DynamicMapLayer(int mapLayerId, string? gdbVersion=null);


mapLayerId System.Int32

The id of the service sublayer.

gdbVersion System.String

An optional property for specifying the GDB version.


DynamicMapLayer.GdbVersion Property

An optional property for specifying the GDB version.

public string? GdbVersion { get; set; }

Property Value


DynamicMapLayer.MapLayerId Property

The id of the service sublayer.

public int MapLayerId { get; set; }

Property Value


DynamicMapLayer.Type Property

The type of dynamic layer

public override string Type { get; }

Property Value