Geometry Engine

The GeometryEngine is an injectable class that can be used to perform many common operations on geometries. Unlike most GeoBlazor components, the GeometryEngine is not dependent on the MapView, but can be used as a standalone service.

In addition to the methods in the ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript geometryEngine, GeoBlazor has moved all calculation methods from the Geometry classes themselves to the GeometryEngine. This allows geometries to be treated as more pure data objects. Below is a list of methods that have been moved to the GeometryEngine from ArcGIS geometry classes.

ArcGIS geometry class ArcGIS method GeoBlazor method
extent centerAt GeometryEngine.CenterExtentAt
extent contains GeometryEngine.Within
extent expand GeometryEngine.Expand
extent fromJSON GeometryEngine.FromArcGisJson
extent normalize GeometryEngine.NormalizeExtent
extent offset GeometryEngine.OffsetExtent
extent toJSON GeometryEngine.ToArcGisJson
extent union GeometryEngine.Union
point distance GeometryEngine.Distance
point equals GeometryEngine.EqualTo
point fromJSON GeometryEngine.FromArcGisJson
point normalize GeometryEngine.NormalizePoint
point toJSON GeometryEngine.ToArcGisJson
polyline addPath GeometryEngine.AddPath
polyline fromJSON GeometryEngine.FromArcGisJson
polyline getPoint GeometryEngine.GetPoint
polyline insertPoint GeometryEngine.InsertPoint
polyline removePath GeometryEngine.RemovePath
polyline removePoint GeometryEngine.RemovePoint
polyline setPoint GeometryEngine.SetPoint
polyline toJSON GeometryEngine.ToArcGisJson
polygon addRing GeometryEngine.AddRing
polygon contains GeometryEngine.Within
polygon fromExtent GeometryEngine.PolygonFromExtent
polygon fromJSON GeometryEngine.FromArcGisJson
polygon getPoint GeometryEngine.GetPoint
polygon insertPoint GeometryEngine.InsertPoint
polygon isClockwise GeometryEngine.IsClockwise
polygon removePoint GeometryEngine.RemovePoint
polygon removeRing GeometryEngine.RemoveRing
polygon setPoint GeometryEngine.SetPoint
polygon toJSON GeometryEngine.ToArcGisJson
extent center GeometryEngine.GetExtentCenter
extent height GeometryEngine.GetExtentHeight
extent width GeometryEngine.GetExtentWidth

Equals and Clone methods are still available directly on each Geometry class, in addition to GeometryEngine.Clone and GeometryEngine.EqualTo. For a full list of GeometryEngine methods, see the GeometryEngine Class Documentation Page.