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BingMapsLayer Class

This layer supports Microsoft’s Bing tiled map content. Three map styles are supported - road, aerial and hybrid.
Please note that a valid Bing Maps key is required to use this layer.
ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript

public class BingMapsLayer : dymaptic.GeoBlazor.Core.Components.Layers.BaseTileLayer

Inheritance System.Object 🡒 Microsoft.AspNetCore.Components.ComponentBase 🡒 MapComponent 🡒 Layer 🡒 BaseTileLayer 🡒 BingMapsLayer


BingMapsLayer() Constructor

Parameterless constructor for use as a razor component

public BingMapsLayer();

BingMapsLayer(string, Nullable, Nullable, Effect, Nullable, Nullable, Nullable, SpatialReference) Constructor

Constructor for use in code

public BingMapsLayer(string key, System.Nullable<dymaptic.GeoBlazor.Core.Components.Layers.BingImageryStyle> style=null, System.Nullable<dymaptic.GeoBlazor.Core.Components.Layers.BlendMode> blendMode=null, dymaptic.GeoBlazor.Core.Components.Layers.Effect? effect=null, System.Nullable<double> maxScale=null, System.Nullable<double> minScale=null, System.Nullable<double> refreshInterval=null, dymaptic.GeoBlazor.Core.Components.Geometries.SpatialReference? spatialReference=null);


key System.String

Bing Maps Key.

style System.Nullable<BingImageryStyle>

For more information on Bing map styles please visit:

blendMode System.Nullable<BlendMode>

Blend mode for the layer. Default Value: “normal”

effect Effect

The blend effect applied to the layer. Default Value: “none”

maxScale System.Nullable<System.Double>

The maximum scale (most zoomed in) at which the layer is visible. If the map is zoomed in beyond this scale, the layer will not be visible. A value of 0 means the layer does not have a maximum scale. Default Value: 0

minScale System.Nullable<System.Double>

The minimum scale (most zoomed out) at which the layer is visible. If the map is zoomed out beyond this scale, the layer will not be visible. A value of 0 means the layer does not have a minimum scale. Default Value: 0

refreshInterval System.Nullable<System.Double>

Refresh interval of the layer in minutes. Non-zero value indicates automatic layer refresh at the specified interval. Value of 0 indicates auto refresh is not enabled. Default Value: 0

spatialReference SpatialReference

The spatial reference of the layer. Default Value: 102100


BingMapsLayer.Culture Property

Provides culture specific map labels. For more information visit:
For a list of supported culture codes please visit:
Default Value: “en-US”

public System.Globalization.CultureInfo? Culture { get; set; }

Property Value


BingMapsLayer.Key Property

Bing Maps Key.

public string? Key { get; set; }

Property Value


BingMapsLayer.LayerType Property

Used internally to identify the sub type of Layer

public override string LayerType { get; }

Property Value


BingMapsLayer.Region Property

This will alter Geopolitical disputed borders and labels to align with the specified user region.
For more information on Bing’s region setting please visit:
For a list of supported country codes please visit: see

public string? Region { get; set; }

Property Value


BingMapsLayer.Style Property

For more information on Bing map styles please visit:
Default Value: “Road”

public System.Nullable<dymaptic.GeoBlazor.Core.Components.Layers.BingImageryStyle> Style { get; set; }

Property Value



BingMapsLayer.GetBingLogo() Method

Exposes Bing logo url.

public System.Threading.Tasks.Task<string> GetBingLogo();



BingMapsLayer.GetCopyright() Method

Copyright information.

public System.Threading.Tasks.Task<string> GetCopyright();



BingMapsLayer.HasAttributionData() Method

Indicates if the layer has attribution data.

public System.Threading.Tasks.Task<bool> HasAttributionData();